The Private Half Day Jerash and Amman City Sightseeing Tour provides a dramatic insight into the extraordinary growth of two cities. Amman, the capital of Jordan, formerly known as Philadelphia, exploding from a small, sleepy town into a modern metropolis with 2.4 million people, almost half of the Kingdom’s population; and Jerash, a city of 30,000 at its zenith and one of the most important centres in the former Roman Empire.

The tour begins at the blue and white King Abdullah Mosque near the centre of the city and moves on to the up-market district of Abdoun, home to the rich and famous in their beautifully ornate, multi-million dollar houses. You then descend into the downtown area with its bustling shops and street markets before winding your way up to the Citadel, dominating the skyline with its panoramic views of the ancient Roman amphitheatre below and the Royal Palace on the hillside in the distance.

You then escape the city and head 30 kms north past hillsides covered in olive trees, farms and rural settlements before arriving at Jerash, one of the jewels of Jordan and one of the best preserved Roman sites in the Middle East. Step back in time, enter through Hadrian’s Arch and stroll down the Cardo Maximum with the marks of the chariot wheels etched deep into the limestone slabs. Visit the amphitheatre, the Temple of Zeus and the Roman Theatre, or if you’d like something more adventurous watch chariot races and gladiatorial combat in the Hippodrome.

This is a tour of contrasts, combining the old with the new, the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, and the emergence of Jordan with its soaring skyscrapers and luxury hotels, a centre of commerce and business in the Middle East.


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