On the town

Cooking, washing, cleaning, scrubbing, my day
Shouting, yelling, screaming, swearing, no fun
Loving, caring, teasing, holding, no way
Shopping, parking, herding, pushing, I’m done
Children, husband, mother, brother, all phone
Teacher, doctor, warden, postman, I meet
TV, I Pod, CD, X Box, I moan
Buses, metro, station, dentist, no seat

 Hoover, micro, washer, cleaner, all help
Garden, sunshine, hammock, vino, such bliss
Summer, Autumn, Paris, Reno, myself
Lover, boyfriend, hotel, passion, a kiss
Laughing, smiling, touching, caring, OK
Drinking, eating, sleeping, smiling, my day.

© Graham Walker 2012

Photo courtesy of Flickr user garryknight.