If you want to view the sights in this beautiful Italian city, then there’s no better way than to board the Verona Hop on-Hop off bus and relax in the comfort of the open top deck. Listen to the multi-lingual commentary, enjoy the stunning scenery and jump on and off at an array of stops of historical interest and with breathtaking views.

The ticket is valid for 24 hours and you can follow Line A and Line B around this wonderful city famed for its opera house (L’Arena) held in the Roman amphitheatre, the birthplace of gnocci, and, of course, Romeo and Juliet. Both Lines start from the Piazza Bra next to the Arena and in front of the Pallazo Barbieri.

Line A follows the route south by the Porta Nuova gate, past the station, and on to the Basilica San Zeno. From there, it weaves its way past the Castelvecchio, the stone-bricked fortress next to the Adige River before passing by Porta Borsari  and crossing the river at Ponte Vittoria.  The route then follows the bend of the river providing magnificent views of the Duomo Cathedral, the Ponte Primera  and the Teatro Romano before re-crossing the river at Ponte Navi and finishing in the Piazza Bra.  The journey takes approximately 45 minutes.

Line B follows a very different route. It goes past Juliet’s Tomb and over the river at Ponte Aleardi cutting eastwards through the suburbs of Veronata before double-backing above the river by the Teatro Stefano and winding its way upwards to Castel San Pietro. Here, the bus parks and you can view the magnificent panorama of Verona stretching out before you with the river flowing past the Duomo and the fabulous church of Sant Anastasia.

Catch your breath, and take in the wonderful fresh air before heading down across the Ponte Garibaldi. Go past the Duomo Cathedral before stopping in Verona’s famous Piazza Erbe, dominated by the Lamberti Tower, which only a short walk from Juliet’s house and its famous balcony and courtyard. The route cuts back across the river at Ponte Nuovo and again at Ponte Navi before returning to Pizza Bra and the Arena.

Two short trips that provide a taste of the charm and delight of this city that you can explore at your own leisure.

* This article originally appeared on viator.com