Israel in Gaza

Dark storm clouds gather in the East
thunder explodes in a giant flash
We scatter quickly from the feast
our homes destroyed, our lives now smashed
Our children frightened, our women scared
Our cries are stifled, our wishes spurned.

We try to shelter, our pleas are spurned
The tanks they rumble from the East
Young fighters gather, all are scared
they disappear quickly in a white flash
Our schools are shelled, mosques are smashed
Nowhere left to continue our feast.

The children cry, they want to feast
but no one hears, their words are spurned
The planes descend their shelters smashed
the soldiers gather from the East
Their guns explode with a flash
our homes erupt, we hide there scared.

Young boys push forward, protect the scared
on their bodies, their soldiers feast
their short lives over in a flash
their hopes for the future always spurned
Those cruel invaders from the East
our country they have bombed and smashed.

Our short freedom they took and smashed
our spirits down and left us scared
of them who come from the East
those who never came to share our feast
All our pledges they have spurned
destroyed our families in a flash.

Shells strike home with a resounding flash
hopes for the future torn and smashed
Cries for help turned down and spurned
The enemy’s strong and the world’s too scared
to question why they will not feast
those tormented souls from the East.

All our hopes spurned in a flash
The East encroaches, borders smashed
Lives demolished, nowhere to feast.

© Graham Walker 2012

Photo courtesy of Flickr user farshadebrahimi.