Trilogy of love storiesThis is a trilogy of television dramas that explore the theme of forbidden love. They revolve around a glass factory in the North West of England and the lives of the key protagonists, Eddie, John and Stan are intertwined.

Eddie’s story

Eddie Vincent is the captain of a premier rugby league club, idolised by his fans. A local lad made good, he is everything they aspire to. Married, two young sons, a house in the suburbs, money in the bank, he is on the brink of making the Great Britain team. Eddie, however, holds a dark secret about his past sexuality that is about to rip his life and this small working class community apart.

John’s story

John Bradley is a young, white apprentice who falls for a Bengali girl, Chandra, a cleaner at the factory. Unfortunately, her brother, Hassan, is the leader of an Asian gang involved in drug trafficking and overly protective of her. To make matters worse, a turf war is about to explode with a white gang led by John’s elder brother, Terry. When both sides find out about the lovers’ relationship, there can only be one outcome.

Stan’s story

Stan Vincent is devastated when his son, Eddie disappears after revealing his secret about his past sexuality. When he finds out that Eddie has fallen for Gina, the club physiotherapist and the daughter of the owner of the club and his boss, Harold Braithwaite, he knows that there’s trouble in store. When he discovers that Gina is his own daughter, the consequences are unimaginable.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user truthdevelopment