I was born in Wigan in the North West of England and grew up in St. Helens before moving to Manchester to work in the aircraft industry and study business management. I subsequently sold computer systems before moving to Southern France where I played rugby under the name of Walter Graham. I returned to London, acquired a Masters Degree in Chinese Economics and Politics at SOAS before moving to the British Solomon Islands in the Western Pacific where I was one of the last District Officers and Magistrates. Returning to London, I obtained a further MSc in on Development Economics and spent the last 35 years as a senior economic advisor to the major International Financing Institutions.  I travelled extensively and recorded all my experiences in volumes of notebooks and on scraps of paper and translated them into an autobiography entitled Miscellaneous Gratuities which I first completed in 2003. I also wrote endless short stories during long plane journeys and in lonely hotel rooms.


I started writing seriously in 2008 and took Katy Darby’s Short Story Writing course followed by Hannah Robinson and Dictynna Hood’s Screenwriting Course at City University, London. I was awarded a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at Kingston University in 2010 and a Master of Fine Arts in 2011 specialising in screenwriting with the legendary Barrie Keeffe (The Long Good Friday/Sus) as my inspirational supervisor. I have published poetry and short stories, articles and books on African economies and have been shortlisted for numerous screenwriting awards in the UK and USA. I have also written a wide range of articles for the largest on-line travel company in the USA, Viator.