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Play Script: Things that Go Bump in the Night

Posted on February 3, 2012

Scene One As the curtain rises, the stage is in darkness. We hear a bang and the shuffle of feet to the right of the stage. A bedside light goes on and a woman sits up in bed to the left of the stage. She has rollers in her hair and is in her late 50s. She has white cream all over her face. There is another bang and she leans over and shakes the person who is asleep next to her. He doesn’t budge and then she shakes him harder. Woman:            (Whispering). John, John, wake up, John! John:                  (Turning towards her). What is it, Maureen? What time is it? Maureen:  …

Ham Fisted

Posted on January 24, 2012

The sheer scale of the disaster struck Roland Dewhurst as he was congratulating himself on the quality of his work. He had switched off the lawnmower, lifted himself from the soft, leather seat and was staring in admiration at the lushness of the lawn. He pulled the packet of cigarettes from his pocket, checked that no one was watching and lit up. He inhaled the smoke and relaxed as the nicotine kicked in. He took a few more drags, stubbed the end of the cigarette on the heel of his shoe and placed it back in the packet.  He turned, detached the cuttings box and walked over to the compost heap. He was watching the cuttings tumble down before him when he spotted the…