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A Rabbit’s Tale

Posted on February 11, 2012

George had made his mind up that the dog would have to go. There was no question about it. It was either Paddy or him. All he had to do was pluck up the courage to tell her. It wasn’t as if they needed the damn thing. Yes, they were in the countryside but this wasn’t the Wild West and packs of wolves would not be attacking their small homestead in the night. He would just let it out gently and that would be that. Mind you, it had disappeared into the night again and had shown no sign of returning. He swallowed his whiskey and smiled. That’s when he heard the scratching, announcing it’s return. He grimaced. ‘Thank God for that,’ said Susan,…

Front Line

Posted on February 2, 2012

The whistle blows Over we go Heads bowed down Bodies low Rifles forward Don’t look up One more step You’re still in luck Bullets fly All around Bodies fall Without a sound Not a scream Just a jolt Legs give way A sudden halt Shells explode Thud, thud, thud On my feet Bloodied mud Guns roar loud Canon fire Tortured soul In the mire Ears erupt Silence falls A deathly hush Consumes us all We stagger forward Not a sound Eyes still focused on the ground I think of home I think of Mum Of days gone past And all the fun Of bright blue skies of summer days of children laughing in the haze A sudden crack A hollow cry My body topples…