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The Heron

Posted on February 2, 2012

My wife told me that she had bought a heron the other day. She said that it would stop the seagulls eating the goldfish in the pond. I tried to understand why she had done such a thing but decided not to question her decision. You see she had not been herself for some time and this was just another instance of her increasing eccentricity. It had come on quite suddenly when she had turned fifty and there had been a marked change in her personality. I put it down to the menopause at first but then her mood swings became more extreme. One minute she would be smiling and laughing, the next she would burst into tears and say that she did not…

The Homecoming

Posted on February 2, 2012

They let her out of the home the other day. Said it would do her good. She was becoming too institutionalised, just sitting there all the time, staring out of the window and talking to it. He had tried to resist, saying he couldn’t cope. Said his heart was playing up. But they were having none of it. Expenditure cuts and all that. Everybody had to tighten their belts. It would only be for a weekend they said. Surely that wouldn’t be too much of a strain. She was his wife after all. He collected her on the Saturday morning. She hadn’t changed. She was still wearing the old striped cardigan with the traces of egg stains engrained across her breasts and her hair…