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Posted on February 2, 2012

Dark storm clouds gather in the East thunder explodes in a giant flash We scatter quickly from the feast our homes destroyed, our lives now smashed Our children frightened, our women scared Our cries are stifled, our wishes spurned. We try to shelter, our pleas are spurned The tanks they rumble from the East Young fighters gather, all are scared they disappear quickly in a white flash Our schools are shelled, mosques are smashed Nowhere left to continue our feast. The children cry, they want to feast but no one hears, their words are spurned The planes descend their shelters smashed the soldiers gather from the East Their guns explode with a flash our homes erupt, we hide there scared. Young boys push forward,…

The Baptism Site, Dead Sea, Mount Nebo and Madaba-Jordan

Posted on January 31, 2012

The first thing you notice when you drive down from Amman to the Dead Sea is that your ears suddenly pop. That’s hardly surprising when you consider that you are dropping from 780 metres to 423 metres (1118 feet) below sea level, the lowest point on the earth. The second is the sudden change in the landscape. Gone is the sprawling, heavily congested metropolis that Amman has become, home to some 2 million people.  In its place is a landscape of almost biblical proportions with brown, sun-baked hills sweeping down to the rich Jordan Valley below with the West Bank and Jericho shimmering in the distance. Lastly, is the sudden increase in temperature. 30 in Amman rapidly gives way to 45 in the space of little less than an hour. …