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Screenplay Synopsis: Under the Thumb

Posted on February 6, 2012

Sylvia has had enough of romping in the back of Brendan’s old car and has given him an ultimatum. Either move the relationship on to something more permanent or it’s over. Unfortunately, this means Brendan confronting his mother, Beryl, who treats him as a surrogate husband since his father disappeared when he was 10. When Brendan presents Sylvia with tickets to the Cup Final and the promise of a romantic weekend in London, little does he know that Beryl has a similar surprise in store for him. © Graham Walker 2012 * Photo courtesy of flickr user arhadetruit

Screenplay Synopsis: Forbidden Love

Posted on February 6, 2012

This is a trilogy of television dramas that explore the theme of forbidden love. They revolve around a glass factory in the North West of England and the lives of the key protagonists, Eddie, John and Stan are intertwined. Eddie’s story Eddie Vincent is the captain of a premier rugby league club, idolised by his fans. A local lad made good, he is everything they aspire to. Married, two young sons, a house in the suburbs, money in the bank, he is on the brink of making the Great Britain team. Eddie, however, holds a dark secret about his past sexuality that is about to rip his life and this small working class community apart. John’s story John Bradley is a young, white apprentice…

Screenplay Synopsis: Hearts and Minds

Posted on February 6, 2012

Set in war-torn Afghanistan and Pakistan, Hearts and Minds is both a tragedy and a love story, combining elements of The Kite Runner, The Deer Hunter and Paradise Now. The core of the film is one man’s attempts to save the soul of his brother and stay true to his ideals. When Ahmed Khan returns to Jalalabad from Pakistan following the defeat of the Taliban, his world is suddenly shattered when a rogue US missile, targetted at a Taliban leader, wipes out his family on his wedding night. Devastated, he returns to Lahore with his younger brother, Turan, who becomes increasingly radicalised and is recruited by Al-Qaeda to train child suicide bombers. Following the murder of a Chief Inspector and the slaughter of numerous innocent…

Lost and Found

Posted on February 3, 2012

I kept staring at the date on the calendar. One year since she vanished. One whole year since my world stood still. I tried to replay those last moments but my mind refused to let them in, shutting them out and protecting me from the horror of it all. Occasionally her face would flicker into view, laughing and smiling then it would be gone in an instant and I would be left with nothing. Just an emptiness that overwhelmed me. I got up and walked to the window. Our window, where we had hugged and dreamt of our future together. Now there was only blackness. I stared out, hoping to see her but all I saw was my own reflection; a gaunt, hunched and…

Front Line

Posted on February 2, 2012

The whistle blows Over we go Heads bowed down Bodies low Rifles forward Don’t look up One more step You’re still in luck Bullets fly All around Bodies fall Without a sound Not a scream Just a jolt Legs give way A sudden halt Shells explode Thud, thud, thud On my feet Bloodied mud Guns roar loud Canon fire Tortured soul In the mire Ears erupt Silence falls A deathly hush Consumes us all We stagger forward Not a sound Eyes still focused on the ground I think of home I think of Mum Of days gone past And all the fun Of bright blue skies of summer days of children laughing in the haze A sudden crack A hollow cry My body topples…


Posted on January 25, 2012

“You’re not coming anywhere near me with that thing!” screamed Grace, retreating behind the couch. “I’m warning you Bob. If you don’t take it outside this instance, I’ll never speak to you again.” Bob did hear her but he took no notice. They had been together almost 35 years and he had learnt that the best way to deal with Grace’s outbursts was to just ignore her. He pressed the remote control and stood back as the machine came to life “Good evening,” it said,  “I am pleased to make your acquaintance.” “Turn it off,” screamed Grace. “Turn it off or else…” Bob continued to ignore her and adjusted the volume. “For Christ’s sake, Grace, just get a hold of yourself. It’s not going…