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Posted on February 8, 2012

I remember seeing my first gun battle. It was September 1979 and I was strolling through the streets of Beirut looking for somewhere to eat. Two cars collided. The occupants jumped out and started to argue. One produced a handgun, fired without warning and ducked down behind the bonnet of his car. The other opened his boot, pulled out a Kalashnikov and sprayed the other car’s windscreen with bullets. More cars arrived, gunmen emerged and a full-scale battle ensued. I remember everyone scattering and diving for cover but I just stood there transfixed. It was after all my first experience of war. Bullets ricocheted everywhere and the sound of police sirens echoed through the narrow streets. That’s when I saw the man beckoning me…

Sabra and Chatila

Posted on February 1, 2012

Flashing, flaring Flying, foaming Families fleeing Falange finding Falling, finished Fascist frenzy. Furious frenzy Faces flaring Feasting finished Fountains foaming Flushing, finding Fighters fleeing. Frightened, fleeing Fatal frenzy Footsteps finding Firing, flaring Ferocity foaming Forces finished. Future finished Faithful fleeing Figures foaming Final frenzy Frothing, flaring Falange finding. Fearful finding Flailing, finished Flogging, flaring Fighting, fleeing Furious frenzy Fury foaming. Flagging, foaming Flopping, finding Frothing, frenzy Forgotten, finished Fearful, fleeing Final flaring. Frenzy, foaming Flaring, finding Finished, fleeing. © Graham Walker 2012 Photo courtesy of Flickr user habacuc1988.