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Venice in a Day

Posted on January 31, 2012

If you’ve only got a day to see this jewel of the Adriatic, there are a few ground rules that you need to obey. Firstly, be selective in what you want to see. Don’t try to cover everything. Venice is such a treasure trove that it would be impossible to do it justice in just one day. Secondly, set off early and get to the principal sites before the huge crowds descend on them and make life unbearable. Thirdly, don’t try and walk everywhere. It will be exhausting, especially in August when the temperatures are at their highest. Invest in a day pass on the vaporetti (water buses) and use the traghetti (gondola ferries) whenever possible–they cost only 50 cents. Lastly, combine visits to key sites…

Venice Walking Tour with St. Mark’s Basilica

Posted on January 31, 2012

The Skip the Line: Venice Walking Tour with St Mark’s Basilica is a tour of amazing contrasts. The first part covers the most important attractions in Venice around the bustling Piazza San Marco. In the second, you negotiate the labyrinth of alleyways and bridges over the canals to quiet secluded places and beautiful squares (campos) free from crowds. The route ends at the famous Rialto Bridgenext to the Grand Canal. Starting outside the Doges’ Palace, the seat of the Republic’s power until 1797, the tour moves through the Piazzetta with its two soaring granite columns marking the gateway to the city, then stops in front of the Torre dell’Oriologio (the Clock Tower). Here you see the two famous Moor statues hammering the hours on the great bell in front of the towering…