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Posted on February 13, 2012

I first met him in a squat near Hampstead Heath. He was wearing two pairs of sunglasses, one on top of the other. He sat at the end of the dinner table staring at me.  His head was shaved and his face pink and scaly, almost as if it had been scrubbed dry. Small fragments of skin fell like snowflakes whenever he moved and settled on the shoulders of his jacket. He had long, almost translucent fingers with the nails nibbled to the core. He kept them interlocked and would twiddle his thumbs continuously, squeezing his palms together, almost as if he was in a permanent state of prayer. He never spoke nor smiled but devoured the food as if it was his last,…

A Rabbit’s Tale

Posted on February 11, 2012

George had made his mind up that the dog would have to go. There was no question about it. It was either Paddy or him. All he had to do was pluck up the courage to tell her. It wasn’t as if they needed the damn thing. Yes, they were in the countryside but this wasn’t the Wild West and packs of wolves would not be attacking their small homestead in the night. He would just let it out gently and that would be that. Mind you, it had disappeared into the night again and had shown no sign of returning. He swallowed his whiskey and smiled. That’s when he heard the scratching, announcing it’s return. He grimaced. ‘Thank God for that,’ said Susan,…

Ham Fisted

Posted on January 24, 2012

The sheer scale of the disaster struck Roland Dewhurst as he was congratulating himself on the quality of his work. He had switched off the lawnmower, lifted himself from the soft, leather seat and was staring in admiration at the lushness of the lawn. He pulled the packet of cigarettes from his pocket, checked that no one was watching and lit up. He inhaled the smoke and relaxed as the nicotine kicked in. He took a few more drags, stubbed the end of the cigarette on the heel of his shoe and placed it back in the packet.  He turned, detached the cuttings box and walked over to the compost heap. He was watching the cuttings tumble down before him when he spotted the…