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Last Stop

Posted on February 11, 2012

Joe lay slumped in his chair opposite, his head resting against a pillow, his pyjama top wide open, exposing his sagging belly. His face was bright pink, almost cherubic, and his pupils deep red almost as if they were on fire, demonic even. He was angry and you could see it. Angry about being old and sick. He scowled. Classical music floated from a small, portable radio on a table in front of him and he moved his head in unison, hypnotised by its strains, his only joy in this place of lost souls. Little tufts of white hair clung to the sides of his head and his eyebrows drooped over his face almost blocking his vision. He looked at me almost enviously, wandering…

Empty Words

Posted on February 3, 2012

I heard he had been ill but wasn’t prepared for the figure that opened the door. I should have known something was wrong when I heard the shuffling in the corridor, then the fiddling with the door handle. I waited as the curses grew louder, then it opened. An eye peered at me in the darkness. ‘I didn’t mean to disturb you,’ I muttered, ‘I was looking for Terry.’ The eye focused, the door opened wider and the figure ushered me in. I stepped forward nervously, glanced at him and tried to smile. He pointed at me. ‘In there,’ he barked. I moved forward into a large lounge. It was barren and empty and the dim light cast shadows on the walls. He shuffled…