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A Lutta Continua

Posted on February 7, 2012

It’s 6.30 in the morning and the dankness hangs over the city trapping the smells of poverty and despair. The curfew has ended, the roadblocks are being dismantled and the exhausted troops are returning to their barracks near the airport. From the slums and shanty towns near Massacres a long line of emaciated bodies head out towards the town centre in search of food and the wherewithal to survive another day. Luanda, the capital of this once proud country totters on the brink of self-destruction as the guerilla war rages on its outskirts. We stand on the tarmac next to the domestic airport staring at the planes loading their cargoes before taxiing out towards the runway. Huge Russian Aleuyshins laden with tanks, armoured personnel…

Front Line

Posted on February 2, 2012

The whistle blows Over we go Heads bowed down Bodies low Rifles forward Don’t look up One more step You’re still in luck Bullets fly All around Bodies fall Without a sound Not a scream Just a jolt Legs give way A sudden halt Shells explode Thud, thud, thud On my feet Bloodied mud Guns roar loud Canon fire Tortured soul In the mire Ears erupt Silence falls A deathly hush Consumes us all We stagger forward Not a sound Eyes still focused on the ground I think of home I think of Mum Of days gone past And all the fun Of bright blue skies of summer days of children laughing in the haze A sudden crack A hollow cry My body topples…

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Posted on February 2, 2012

Church bells toll loud, Wootton Basset stands still Silence descends, soldiers follow the drill Banners are lowered, heads bowed to the ground Grief swirls above them without any sound Families lock hands and hold back their tears For all loved ones gone, an end to their years For lives snatched away in a far off land Young men gone forever, like shifting sand The hearses glide past, the coffins in shrouds Emotions erupt, cries echo all around Small children sobbing, families distraught Move forward with flowers, deep in their thought They link arms together, share a last kiss For young sons departed, forever missed © Graham Walker 2012 Photo courtesy of  Flickr user jamesdellphotography.